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Politics – the curse of India

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Politics is not a elective that we can avoid. It is an integral part of our life. But We don’t care about politics, in return politicians doesn’t care about us. Even we are ready to suffer in so many ways instead of talking part in politics. We just let them to decide and control our… More

Ultimate Superpower – One god for all the religions

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Disclaimer : Its just a crazy (may be funny) thought about unifying all the religions in world or in the universe. Read it , laugh out loud if it is, else go and carry on with your work. But don’t get hurt. Update : Objective :To Get rid of Religions ( Since My friend KISOR… More

Yet another Unsuccessful episode of Love from the Land of Love !

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We’ve seen a lot of politicians looting our tax money and living happily. We just shared cartoon about them in our FB wall and kept our indefinite silence. Now, they took a life and love in the name of caste. Is it because, they belong to middle class (who can’t and won’t do anything )… More