Are we living or just breathing and running behind the money?

in Life

When we born , we are not aware of how to lead a successful life.
We started learning things slowly and gradually without reason behind it. Because of that Now we are just following so many things which needs to be dropped. Another reason for it is Now media is defining our lives to create a demand for their sponsors. Best example: Kids love noodles !

When I was in school, my parents are proud because I was studying in a English medium school. Then during college, they were happy again because I was doing engineering in reputed college.
But when I had arrears they were sad, and when I completed the degree without a job they are almost frustrated. Because they don’t have anything to cheer about after spending more than 10L for that degree.

Our mentality is we always want some profit or gain in what we do. So my engineering degree is loss, because it didn’t teach any engineering to me. But it taught more about life with some tough lessons. During school I used to get a good rank. But in college I wasn’t able to repeat that. Because both systems are entirely different. It made me to realise fact that marks are just a numbers. It won’t guarantee anything. Our system give you job but not the knowledge, job will make you to run behind the money to get a glamorous life style.

When I looked back for the reason to choose engineering was my parents. They did it because of people around them. If you look back from very first day after your birth, you are being compared with someone around you. So because of that now also I’m comparing myself with someone above me. It may be good because I’ll do some hard work to overtake them. But because of that additional
Burden, I’m loosing the interest towards my passion.

So comparison is mother of all expectations and those expectations will give you endless frustration. And that frustration won’t allow you to live your life. It will just make you to run behind your expectations which won’t get fulfilled. Because our expectations are endless. So if your expectations are the one that can be fulfilled through money than those are just devils which will just eat up your life time. It won’t allow you to live your life.

Everyone in world has some unfulfilled dreams or wishes. It may be their first love or it may be a Ferrari. As long as you’re living, it won’t bug you. It’ll just travel along with you as a cheerfully pain. But if you re just breathing and running behind the money, every damn thing will pinch you every now and then and will make you feel hard for everything.

So stop running behind the money and start Living.

கையில் கொஞ்சம் காசு இருந்தால் நீ தான் அதற்கு எஜமானன் ,
கழுத்து வரைக்கும் காசு இருந்தால் அது தான் உனக்கு எஜமானன்,
வாழ்வின் அர்த்தம் புரிந்துவிடு .

Ps : I’m also running behind the money