Ultimate Superpower – One god for all the religions

in Evils Around Us

Disclaimer : Its just a crazy (may be funny) thought about unifying all the religions in world or in the universe. Read it , laugh out loud if it is, else go and carry on with your work. But don’t get hurt.

Update : Objective :To Get rid of Religions ( Since My friend KISOR have asked for the Objective )



I feel “Religion” is second cause for all the evils around as. So I was thinking to find a solution to get rid of Religion and arrived at this solution. Don’t ask me why I did do this, Because I’m vetti.

When there is a advancement in technology or in any other field, everyone is ready to accept it even without a question.

Ex: Communication and Transport.

People from all the religions are bound to the advancement of things in these fields. They can’t even survive without these things.

And R&D department in all the fields are trying hard to invent something which will either construct or destruct the life in this universe.

Recently Telegram service had a farewell, because it is outdated. Likewise I feel our god is also outdated. And It needs to be updated with the latest advancements.

So a R&D department needs to set up, which will define The Ultimate Superpower with versions and variants. And it will keep on pushing updates when there is a advancement.

Superpower will have both free and premium service. Because ppl are ready to spend money without any limits, if it is in the name of God. So we need to capitalize that to fund our R&D (As of now, Its only me 🙂 )

We don’t have to go someplace to worship it. An App will be released for all the platforms available. It can be used to pray , make a request or send some message to it and whatever. So then where is location of our Power? it is in Cloud ;). SO No one will be able to able to destroy it when there is some fuss.

And now, When we pray, we don’t get acceptable form of response from our gods. But our new Superpower will send an acknowledgement with Estimation and Service fee if any. So that at least devotees will have peace of mind.

When this new Superpower is released, all the priest and religious preachers will be jobless. I’m thinking of a job for them in Customer Service department of Our Super power, So they will get all the scoldings #$%&^%* and f words, when our superpower fails to meet devotees request ;).

And as the part of setting up this R&D, all the wealth and resources of all religious head etc will be confiscated. So that I’ll became the richest 😛 in the world 🙂

And I’m currently heading this R&D, and there are huge number of openings with unmatched benefits and perks. So If anyone interested send me Ur updated profile 😛

Yes its junk post, and I’m a junkie 😀 and I don’t believe neither religion nor god.