Politics – the curse of India

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Politics is not a elective that we can avoid. It is an integral part of our life. But We don’t care about politics, in return politicians doesn’t care about us. Even we are ready to suffer in so many ways instead of talking part in politics. We just let them to decide and control our future. 

Why are we not taking part in it?
Are we not interested/ coward ?

Yes may be, only our Heroes can fight against evils, we are merely spectators in our own life and we were asked idolize persons like Gandhi , Buddha. We respect and honor only them. ( Gandhi jayanthi, his faces all over the currency notes).  Other leaders and fighters were only on coins to show that they are less valued than Gandhi, even those coins are getting replaced now. 

Simply because of “Gandhi”(adopted) in their last name, we elected and let a family to rule us
I feel our history was well chosen and  perfectly scripted by them, so that they can keep us in 
dark and loot as much as possible. 

On the other hand we have hindutuva. They claim he is clean because court has declared him as clean. So it’s like do whatever you want without leaving any trace behind or a tangible evidence. 

AAP did a cameo role and confused us even more with less hope.

Our local “lady” and “daddy” themselves are not clear on whom they support.

Our choices are limited. We don’t trust independent candidates and newbies. By this way, we are trapped and forced to choose one or the other fox. We try to choose the best in the available ones since right ones aren’t contesting.  And we don’t spare time for choosing the best one. We blindly follow the so called news channels and their meaningless debates. 

Media is playing a vital role in projecting the parties and candidates. They are telling not ready to reveal the truth. They are just making us to hear what is intended and we are forced to believe it. Atleast they succeed in confusing us between best and the worst. 

With so many confusions, I’m gonna cast my first vote tomorrow. I’m sure there is no perfectionist nor a perfect person in the list. So ideal choice is ________.(again confused)