Yet another Unsuccessful episode of Love from the Land of Love !

in Evils Around Us

We’ve seen a lot of politicians looting our tax money and living happily.

We just shared cartoon about them in our FB wall and kept our indefinite silence.

Now, they took a life and love in the name of caste.

Is it because, they belong to middle class (who can’t and won’t do anything ) ?

Why such things happen even now ?

I think its only because of us.

we care only about next Apple products and our Bank balance not even about our future.

We brag about our very old history and hide the evils which is deep rooted among us.

We left the things which needs to be inherited from our ancestors like courage and hospitality and inherited the things which will be cause for these kind of evils and will benefit the vote bank politicians .

Now we lost a Ilavarasan by holding on to these evils, who may join list of Laila – Majnu and Ambikavathi – Amaravathi.

They call it as Suicide. But its a murder and we had a very big hand on it by keeping out indefinite silence

I remember 3 phrases from the 1st page of my school books.

தீண்டாமை ஒரு குற்றம் ,

தீண்டாமை ஒரு பாவச்செயல் ,

தீண்டாமை ஒரு மனிதத்தன்மை அற்ற செயல்.


which i memorized but never i followed. Hope atleast from now onwards I’ll start practicing it.

And this is fckin reason for everything happened and happening around us,

it’ll happen to our kids too, if we don’t react now.

Because Some so called “Doctor Family” will hold on it and preach these evils to their senseless followers.

We may not belong that senseless followers, Because we belong a category which is worse than that.

Yes I do belong to same category of citizens who just talk about such issues in air and continue their meal happily and sleep.